Travel bed for car be a difference between cold and wet night spent outside and comfortable sleep in your car or truck. You will no longer have to spend the night outside freezing or in a car on an uncomfortable seat. Below you will find list of top5 car mattresses and back seat beds for car. They will turn the back of your car or truck into a comfortable bed.

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# 1 Berocia SUV air mattress

This travel bed for a car simply converts the back of your car into a comfortable bed. All you have to do is fold rear seats, put the mattress in the back and inflate it. As a result, whether you go camping, hunting, fishing you no longer have to sleep outside. Instead, you can comfortably spend the night in comfort thanks to this inflatable bed for car.

Quality travel bed for car

This back seat bed for car is made of high quality materials. Top side is comfortably finished with flock covered material. The bottom side of this bed for car seat is made of thick PVC. Therefore, it is moisture proof and wear resistant.

Berocia Mattresses are made of high quality PVC not like the ones used in other cheap products. For instance, it is made of materials with CE RoHS certificates.

You will also find a high quality air pump in the set. This air pump does not overheat like the ones offered with cheaper sets. Moreover, they are also equipped with both home and car plugs. What is more, you can usually inflate this bed for car in around 90 seconds

Inflatable bed for car – any car

Although the name says it was made for SUVs, the bed will most probably fit any MiniVan or station wagon. You can inflate only some chambers of the mattress thus making it suitable for any space. For example, it can be used only as a single bed when you fold only part of the back seat. Consequently, there are many possible configurations – just check the photos for some examples.

Berocia SUV Air Mattress is also easy to transport. As a result, when it is deflated you can fold it and it is very compact.

Comfortable travel bed for car

As we already mentioned, this inflatable bed for car is made of the highest quality materials. However we didn’t mention that fully inflated size it 70.86 * 50.4 * 4.7 inches. The maximum load is around 440 lbs. Not bad for a camping bad, right ?

It is also thick – when inflated it is 4.7 inch high. Surely you won’t even feel a stone or stick get under it. Top side is finished with a high quality flock which is also very pleasant to touch.

Multipurpose travel bed for car

Although it is primarily designed for car use, there are lots of situations where you can use it. For example you can use it as a regular air mattress while camping. When you put on grass or sand you can still lay down comfortably not feeling anything that may be laying underneath. What is more, you won’t even get dirty.

You can also use it at home when you have unexpected guests. It is also perfect if you want to have sunbathe in the garden. Finally, it can be a comfortable dog bed for car travel. Your dog is going to love it.

Durable inflating bed for car

You already know, this bed for car is made of highest quality materials. But did You know, it is also made to be durable and resistant ? First of all the seals double-layer seals ensure there is no leakage. Secondly, producer designed special anti-cracking points which prevent this travel bed for car from cracking. What is more valves are specially design to ensure that the mattress will not deflate. Finally you can use it even in temperatures below freezing thanks to high quality materials and special design.

We must also add that producer introduced strict quality control to ensure that all their products are of highest quality – they durable and do not deflate easily.

Final words

Berocia SUV Air Mattress is high quality inflatable travel bed for car. It will easily turn the back of your car into comfortable bed. It is a perfect choice for people spending time outdoors – whether it is just a camping site or a garden. Thanks to this camping bed, you will spend the nights in comfort on a cushy bed and in warm car. You will not be disappointed with this.

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#2 HIRALIY Car Air Mattress

HIRALAIY inflatable back seat bed for car is designed to be universal. When inflated, this car mattress is around 54 x 34 x 17 inches. As a result, according to producer data, it should fit around 99% of cars. On the other hand it is always a good idea to measure your seat before buying. We can also add that maximum load is around 440 pounds.

Comfortable inflatable car mattress

There is no doubt, HIRALIY Car Air Mattress is a comfortable solution for all those who spend night outdoors. As we’ve already mentioned, this inflatable bed for car is really big. As a result, even larger people will find this inflatable car bed for the back seat comfortable. What is more, the top layer of this car mattress is finished with a comfortable flock. It is not only nice to touch, but also not “slippery”. You can also inflate to the extent you prefer – either hard “as a rock” or soft.

Durable travel bed for car

HIRALIY Car Air Mattress was designed to be durable and resistant. First of all, this car mattress is made with 3-layer wear resistant material. First is the flocking top, then thick PCV and finally durable oxford cloth. As a result this inflatable car bed is completely air tight. Secondly materials used in this inflatable car bed are wear resistant and leak proof. You don’t have to worry about this car mattress getting wet (e.g. when you use it on wet grass). Finally oxford material used on the bottom side of this bed for car seat, is heavy-duty thus making it quite resistant for puncturing.

It is also equipped with 2-layer anti-leak valve caps which ensure the mattress is air tight.

Easy to use inflatable car bed

As you will soon find out, HIRALIY Car Air Mattress is easy to use. First of all, it comes equipped with a portable air pump. As a result you can set up and inflate thi back seat bed for car in under two minutes ! Not bad, right ? Imagine, you return to your car late at night, tired and the bed is ready for you in under two minutes. What is more, this inflatable car mattress is equipped with carry bag, so it is more convenient to transport or store at home.

Multipurpose inflatable bed for car

The name of this product clearly says it was designed strictly for car, but you can use it on more occasions. Firstly, thanks to wear-resistant materials, it can be used outdoors e.g. while on camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc. Secondly, it can also be used at home e.g. as sofa or air mattress. Finally you can use it as a dog travel bed for car (dog bed for car) – your dog will appreciate it (a lot).


HIRALIY Car Air Mattress is one the best car mattress options on the market. This inflatable car bed for back seat is easy to use, comfortable, wear resistant and multi-purpose. We believe you won’t be disappointed and find it really useful and comfortable on many occasions whether you are traveling or camping.

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#3 Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Lite

Whenever you are spending night outdoors you will surely appreciate the comfort that travel bed for car / truck offers. It is 12” thick and offers a level of comfort no other inflatable bed for car can offer. You will definitely have a better sleep on this bed for car camping than on a simple mattress.

What is so special about that bed for car / truck ?

Well, to start with, it was designed strictly with pick-up trucks in mind. It has special cut outs that allow better fitment around wheel wells. Thanks to that Pittman Outdoors inflatable bed for pick-up trucks uses the whole available space on the truck bed. No wonder (depending on the size of truck bed) it can be as big as a full size bed. It offers more than plenty of space and comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. On the other hand, when deflated it doesn’t take much space so it easy to transport.

But is this inflatable bed for car / truck even resistant to elements ?

Yes, it is. In fact, thanks to heavy duty construction, it is more puncture resistant. What is more, you don’t have to fear your mattress getting wet. The mattress is made of high quality materials (PVC) which are heavy duty, so it is more puncture resistan.This travel bed for trucks is a good choice for all the ones that love to spend nights outdoors.

Is this travel bed for truck really so comfortable ?

Again, yes, it is. Firstly, as we already mentioned, it is big. In fact, it is as big as your truck’s bed, so you get plenty of space to sleep on. Secondly, look how thick this is. You can inflate it as you like – either to make it hard or soft. Anyway it will offer you tons of comfort. This car mattress is also flocked for a soft feel. What is more, air coil system will evenly distribute the weight for better sleep. Finally you can inflate the mattress within minutes using 12V DC air pump included in the set.

Will it fit my truck bed ?

As we mentioned this car mattress is made to fit the bed of your track. That is why this air mattress is made in many different sizes. It is a good idea to check which is the right size for your truck


Pittman Outdoors AirBedz is one the best choices when it comes to mattresses for your truck. It is comfortable, offers plenty of space and is durable. In other words, whether you are camping or hunting, just throw it in the back of your truck and spend night in comfort.

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#4 Goplus SUV Air Mattress for Back Seat

This travel bed for a car is really impressive. It can change the back of your car into a comfortable bed in a matter of minutes. Thanks to that you can comfortably spend the night in your car instead of just spending the night outside in cold.

Quick setup travel bed for car

This inflatable car mattress can be set up within minutes. All you have to do is fold the back seats of your car, put the car mattress there and inflate it. Obviously the air pump (for car cigarette lighter plug)  is included so you don’t have to buy it separately. So after just a few minutes you have a comfortable inflatable car bed ready to use.

Car mattress made of quality and sturdy materials

This back seat bed for the car is made of high quality materials. The surface of this inflatable bed for car is comfortable thanks to the nice flock. It is also healthy for your skin. The bottom side of this car mattress is made of premium PVC material. Double “stitching” makes this bed for car seat completely airtight. What is more, air valves are also double sealed to ensure that air doesn’t leak. It is also obviously waterproof so you can use it outdoors without having to worry about the mattress getting wet. As a result (of being waterproof) it is also easy to clean.

Back seat bed for any car or SUV

The name Goplus SUV Air Mattress suggests it is made for SUV. Well, it was designed with SUVs in mind, but it will definitely fit most of VANs or cars (station wagons, hatckbacks). This bed for the car seat consists of several separate air bags which can be inflated independently. By inflating only some air bags you can easily adjust the size of the car mattress to desired size. For example you can inflate the car bed partially if only part of the back seat is folded.

Comfortable travel bed for car

Whether you are travelling and want to spend a night outdoors or just simply camping, hunting, etc.Goplus SUV Air Mattress is a perfect solution. You will definitely enjoy the comfort of an inflatable car bed. As we already mentioned it is big and offers a lot of space for you. What is more, you can inflate it to your preferences – whether you like it soft or hard. Either way, thanks to the inflatable car bed you will spend your time in the comfort of your car.

One car mattress – many solutions

Obviously the Goplus SUV Air Mattress is designed as a travel bed for car. Thus it is a perfect solution for car travels. What is more you can use not only in car, but also outside. Just lay it on the ground and you have a nice place to rest on a camping site. You don’t have to worry about it getting wet – it is water resistant and you could rest comfortably. Of course you can also use it in your house or garden.


Goplus SUV Air Mattress is one of the best car mattresses. It suits most cars and offers tons of comfort. It is also versatile – you can use it in the car, on a camping site or in the house or garden. You will not be dissapointed with this purchase.

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#5 ABE Non-Inflatable Car Mattress

This one is slightly different from other travel beds for cars we are describing in this article – this one is not inflatable. So how does this one look when compared to others ?

Easy to use folding back seat bed for car

First thing we must mention is that it is extremely easy to use. As you don’t have to inflate this car mattress, all you have to do is unfold it on the back seat and buckle the straps to car seat headrests. Of course you don’t need to worry about air leaks anymore. Packing it back is equally simple and it doesn’t take much space. It can also be transported attached to headrests of front seats.

Double sided bed for car seat

Another difference to other car beds for the back seat is that this one is double sided. One side is made of black premium PU leather and looks really “exclusive”. The other side is durable Oxford cloth. However, both are very esthetic and very nice to touch.

Will this bed for car fit my car/ truck ?

According to producer it should fit most of the cars and or SUVs. The size of this car mattress is 52 x 31 inches, so it is a good idea to measure if it fits before the purchase. However, there is one thing we have to keep in mind that car has to be equiped with a headrest as straps need to be attached to headrest bars.

Multipurpose foam car mattress

You can use this travel bed for the car not only when you have to sleep in car. Whenever you are camping or in a garden you can use it to lay on. What is more, it can also be used as a dog bed for car. Your dog is going to love it.


ABE Non-Inflatable Car Mattress is a good solution if you are to spend a night in car and you don’t want to deal with inflating and deflating the car mattress. It is well made, easy to install and makes the back seat of your car a nice bed.

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Travel beds for cars are the easiest way to convert the back of your car into a comfortable bed. Certainly, they can be very useful on various occasions like camping, fishing, hunting, but in home and garden as well. We advise you to get one (or two 🙂 ) for yourself.

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